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Our service is the commitment to you to deliver compassionate care across the healthcare continuum to improve quality of life for persons recovering from or learning to live fully with illness, injury and disability.

24 Hour Support

Call at 0347 0102890 to check for a doctor availibility if you are visiting out of our usual hours. So we can serve you better.

Emergency Services

For emergency services please visit the AFRIM, which provides full emergency services at 1122

Medical Counseling

Our professional team is there to help you in any way you like, book your appointment today to find more about your condition.

Premium Healthcare

Speak to us how we can help you providing premium healthcare, house call doctors are available.

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

When potentially life-altering injury occurs, coordinated, compassionate care and the support of clinicians dedicated to pioneering improved therapies can make all the difference to a patient’s immediate and long-term recovery.


Amputee Rehabilitation

Adjusting to life after the loss of a limb takes patience and resolve from patients and their loved ones. At Spaulding, we’ll help you find the strength — physical and emotional — to make the transition and live life to the fullest again.


Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 8.00 - 17.00
Saturday 9.30 - 17.30
Sunday 9.30 - 15.00

Ultimate Dream

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Kew Case Management

Our Case Managers help the patient and family navigate the healthcare system. They act as the liaison for the interdisciplinary team and the patient and their family, and work to connect them with necessary services and resources

Kew Inpatient Support Services

At Kew, patients and families have access to a wide range of experts in nutrition, pastoral care, respiratory therapy, speech-language pathology, and much more.

Meet Our Doctors!


Abdullah Saeed

General Surgeon


Muhammad Zafar

Orthopedic Surgeon


Ghazna Khalid

Physiatrist, Neuro Surgeon


Sami ur Rehman


see what patients are saying?

“I couldn’t even walk from the parking lot to the office.” “This is where I first met Dr Ghazna.” Soon after surgery, I noticed a big difference in my pain level & now I am all OK.


As an army veteran, my arm was amputated to save my life. The support I got from this professional team, not only saved my life but worked very closely psychologically with me.

Abdul Qadir

In a car accident, my spine broke from two place, it was KEW who after 2 surgeries helped me able to live back my life, a wheelchair isn't a problem, thank you guys.


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My visit to the facility was unplanned, and it happened during my UNHCR visit to meet the effected of recent violence along the borders to Quetta and Afghanistan. The medical help, which this team of professionals is giving to the much-deprived area's needy patients is a great sight. I wish them all the best and may Dr Abdullah and his team be a winner.

— Dr Sharon Jones - Orthopedic Surgeon (USA)

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18 Jinnah Road
Quetta, Pakistan


+92 347 0102890

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